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Dysfunctional Love

John Pedicini

John Pedicini

Raptor Cop



Designer’s Life

Matt Roeder

Matt Roeder

Freelance illustrator born and bred in Dublin Ireland

Panda’s Life

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Emoji Revolution

Mobile users around the world are sending billions of emojis every day. And yet, we are still limited in the types of emojis we can use. And there are thousands of amazing artists looking for ways to showcase their talent through their own emojis and stickers. So, we decided it was time to create a marketplace for artists like us, and you, to distribute your stickers all over the world.

Artists will get the chance to get exposure from everyone all over the world, monetize their artwork, and have personal profiles so people can appreciate the artwork and unique talent. We want to emphasize the artists behind these emojis and will work to bring greater distribution of your stickers through featuring, promotion and partnerships we’re building for broader exposure. We will work, on your behalf, to partner with messaging apps, keyboards, and through partners looking for the latest and most trending stickers in the world.

So artists, illustrators, designers and aspiring creators, submit your stickers and emojis today to JOIN the emoji revolution.

What is MojiLaLa?

We recognize how influential emojis are in today’s world and how much fun they add to our daily conversations. We send 100s of emojis a day to our friends, family members and new acquaintances, but we always wish there was more variety and diversity in the stickers we share. Why are we so limited in the choices of stickers and emojis?

So we decided to bring more colorspunk, attitude, imagination, and more humor to emoji lovers like us around the world through MojiLaLa.

We allow artists and aspiring artist to share their stickers and emojis with people from around the world. We are a group of artists ourselves who want to bring more creative emojis to conversations and showcase trending stickers to help bring more exposure and monetization to talented artists.

Join in the sticker revolution by submitting to MojiLaLa.

Why MojiLaLa

1 - Monetize Your Stickers and Receive 50% of the Profits

We want you, as an artist, to make money for your craft. On MojiLaLa you will receive 50% of the profits when your stickers (which are NOT free) are downloaded and bought through our app or other apps we partner with. Plus, you will see greater distribution through us because we will work on your behalf to forge partnerships with other mobile apps and platforms.

2 - We work on Your behalf to get Great Distribution of Your Stickers Through Our Partners

We know the best way for you to make more $$, is by getting your emojis in front of large audiences. So we at MojiLaLa create greater visibility and reach through our distribution partners so your stickers get seen by billions of emoji fans. Some of these partners include: Tango, WeChat, Viber, Line, Kakao + many others.

3 - Better Representation and Distribution of emojis and stickers

Artists will have customizable profiles and MojiLaLa will focus a lot on promoting artists. Through our apps and distribution partners, we want you to succeed in reaching the masses and gaining an audience for your talented skills.

4 - Creators are Treated like First Class

Whether your a brand like Coca-Cola or whether you an aspiring artist like ourselves, artist will get first class treatment on MojiLaLa. We will feature artists based on skill and talent, and make efforts to promote local and talented artist frequently.

5 - More Flexibility and Freedom of Speech in Creation of Stickers

Although you must obey Apple Guidelines, we want artists to feel free to express themselves through their art. We encourage and support artists who choose to express themselves through emojis and stickers in non-traditional fashion.

6 - Trending Topics and Guidelines

MojiLaLa will be featuring trending topics for emojis, so artists who contribute stickers and emojis related  to trending topics will see automatic uplift and traffic, bringing  broader exposure and popularity to artists.

7 - Opportunity to Create Hollywood Stickers and Branded Stickers

MojiLaLa has great relations with Hollywood. We will be providing priority to popular Mojilala artists to officially bring stickers and emojis to some of their major films and tv shows like Aliens, Seth Rogan films, Breaking Bad and others. You could possibly get the chance to have your stickers seen by top studio executives in Hollywood!

8 - Best Creators will visit Los Angeles, California

To congratulate top artists on MojiLaLa, we will send top artists to visit Los Angeles. Every 3 months we will select winning artists, and book a roundtrip ticket to LA for some blue skies and palm trees in LaLa Land.