Stickers Guidelines


Images (20 total)

Quantity Size (px)
Animated Sticker  Min. 10, Max. 40 Min 640 px x H640 px


Each sticker will have frames in png ( our system will automatically create gif and apng). You will be uploading all frames in our dashboard easily for each animated stickers. The order will be follow the file order.
– You will also have ability to select fps.
Example: If you upload 24 pngs and set 12 fps, the sticker will be 2 second.

Each frames will be

-All images should be transparent.
-All images must be submitted in PNG format.
-The maximum file size for each image is 2MB.
-If you are compressing all files into one ZIP file, please ensure that the size of the ZIP file is less than 20MB.
-Backgrounds for graphics must be transparent.


Creator Sticker Title Sticker Description Copyright
Max. 50 characters Max. 40 characters Max. 160 characters Max. 50 characters

Sample Images

Main Image

Creator, Sticker Title, and Sticker Description

Sticker Images

Sticker Margins

There should be a margin of around 10px between the trimmed image and the content around it. Please consider the balance of the stickers when creating your designs.


Recommended Stickers

-Stickers that are easy to use in daily conversation and communication.
-Stickers that consist of easily understandable expressions, messages, and illustrations.

Non-Recommended Stickers

-Stickers that are difficult to use in daily conversation, such as objects and scenery.
-Stickers that are not illustrated pictures, such as photos.
-Stickers that have poor visibility, such as pictures that are too long or full-length illustrations of tall characters.
-Sets that significantly lack variety, such as stickers made up purely of pale colors or strings of numbers.
-Stickers that offend public order and morality, are suggestive of under-age drinking or smoking, contain sexual or violent imagery, or may fuel nationalism.

Other Notes

-Stickers for sale may not be used for advertising purposes unless there is an agreement between Creators, Mojilala and other 3rd parties. Please do not include any form of advertisement in the sticker images, titles, and text descriptions, such as the announcements of product release dates, or submit stickers featuring only corporate logos.For advertising purposes please contact us.

-Stickers that mention any internet service, messenger app, or similar services, or consist of any characters related to such services may not be sold in the Creators Market. For usage of these characters or mentions please contact us.