How to Create Successful Stickers?

– Stickers must have either a situation or an emotion or an expression. (Daily phrases, expressions that people would need while texting or talking, a situation).

– Having a beautiful sticker is not equal to be successful stickers. Successful stickers have functionality within the user journey.

– Sticker packages must be consistent. It shouldn’t be a group or irrelevant pictures or photos.

– Be Creative. MojiLaLa values freedom of speech. (By respecting everybody’s differences).

– Sticker needs to have an idea. It should SAY or MEAN something. It becomes alive when it is used. A beautiful oil painting of nature is not a good sticker idea.

Rejected Sticker Examples

Good Sticker Examples

1. A Character with expressions, journey of a character

Mugsy, designed by Ghostbot

2. Quotes of a person, a character or a trend

Revved Up, designed by Kenichiro Chaffee

3. Campaigns& Calendar Events

Fatherly Love, designed by Facebook

4. Activity

Happy Campers, designed by Kirk Wallace

5. Sports

Cricket Matchup, designed by Perdix

6. Memes, Internet Phenomenas, Movie Lines

You may refer to any famous quote or phenomena with your stickers.

– “I am gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”
– “Do you wanna know how I got these scars?”
– “I see dead people”

7. Social Responsibility

All causes and social responsibility topics can be also referred.

More phrases

Widely used words and expressions. You can create a package which is a subset of these expressions.

yesbusyhang outcockyautumnlunchbrotherwassup
nottyla buckarrogantspringyummygirlfriendsurprised
hahaluv yasweethappybeachhandsomeboyfriendthumbs up
lolI love youtightsadsunbeautifulwhat’s up?question
byemiss youcheer upnaugthyraintalktvconfident
good morningkissrelaxnervoussnowtextenjoy your mealhair
good nightwhat?calm downthanksgivingicebrbnot tonightsmart
Grrrconfusedshut uposcarfunI hopetonightpull
oksleepyno waycrushfunnyI wishtodaypush
omgcoolhigh fivesilentstopfreeI’m sicksorry
have a nice dayhellojokingwhispergo aheadhowdancingboring
hihungryawesomecrapgive a shotwhyfatherevil
zzzfeeling goodcoolcakecomecrybullshit (BS)angel
thankshateI was likecoffeecheerslaughsistersmirk
congratulationsangrysuperJesuscoffeegoodcall mehush
happy birthdaysadtick tockcatteabadoldchill
good eveningstudyingcome ondrunkafraiduglyhotYou there?
good afternoonwalkingbearddadhey man!awegirlyAnybody home?
yay!runningfamilymomsee youamazingyoungcall me
greatfingers crossedmotherwowtake careboo!cookingsushi
break a legRepublicanSummermesslighten upcouch potatobaby showerIMHO
piece of caketipsydeadtrashwork hard play hardfireshowerhipster
dead horsejerkburritomade my dayjobhands upme toointernet
square onebrodrugsgame overwrapthey see me rollinPsychoidk
break the icesisnutsqueen of heartshypedthey hatinblue mooncomplicated
bubblebdsmeasymy moneyblack or whitescrew upbeerwinter
biblecut to the chasefetishbuddyhoroscopespcphonewine
cry wolfdouchebaggodclownhamburgerdrama queenwatergive a ring
down to earthparty animalhook upDemocrattacoebonybreakfastfish
drive me nutsearly birdhornydinnerlaptopelephant in the roomchristmashouse
eat my hatholy shithorny

8. Utilities

World-wide accepted emoji categories can be another starting point. (e.g. hang gestures, jobs, love & family, clothes, food & drinks, nature, weather, activities, travel & places, objects)