About Us

The Story Behind

MojiLaLa was inspired by a group of artists, designers and engineers who believe there’s a better, more dynamic way to share emotions and communicate with one another around the world. We send billions of emojis to our loves ones, family and friends, and want to send even more diverse and related emojis to better express ourselves.

Universal symbols of art in emojis help all of us to reveal our thoughts and inner feelings better than plain words.

Now is the time to let creativity flow, and let yourself be inspired. We can all start to create emojis and stickers that will bring laughter to people, tears to friendships and happiness to people around the world. It’s our time to bring better forms of art and emojis to nations around the world so that others can feel, express and converse around the very things that bring us together: art.

“Creativity is a basic biological drive to engage in meaningful conversations with ourselves & the world around us….” -Sara Saltee