If in doubt, please see the following FAQs for help.

1 - How do I start my own MOJILALA Creators Market account?

You must register as a creator in order to sell your stickers and themes on MOJILALA Creators Market. Follow the steps below to create your account.

1. Click Register Here on the MojiLaLa Creators Market page and log in using the email address and password registered to your MojiLaLa account.
2. Enter the required details into the form to register as a creator.
3. A confirmation message will be sent to the email address registered to your new creators account.
4. Click the URL in the message to complete the registration process.
5. Log in again to go to My Page.

2 - Are there any requirements for selling stickers?

Anyone can create their own account with MojiLaLa Creators Market. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual artist, veteran illustrator, working for yourself, or working for a company. Minors must receive their parent or guardian’s permission before confirming the details in the terms and conditions and registering a creators account.
A MojiLaLa account is required in order to join MojiLaLa Creators Market.

After joining MojiLaLa Creators Market, in order to sell stickers you must have the following:
A Paypal Business or Premier Account.

3 - Do I have to pay to register with the Creators Market?

There is no charge for registering as a creator with MojiLaLa Creators Market.

4- Can I sell multiple stickers on the same MOJILALA account? How long does it take for me to get accepted or rejected after I've submitted?

There is no limit to the number of stickers you can sell. You can register and sell as many stickers as you like. It takes a week for you to receive an email about whether or not your package has been accepted.

5 - Can I set my own prices for my stickers?

You can set the price of your stickers from any of the following five pricing options.

The revenue amounts will vary, depending on the three payment methods used for the purchase.
Payments for purchases made with MojiLaLa Coins are converted into earnings using a conversion rate determined by MojiLaLa. You will see suggestions in the dashboard for prices ranging from 50 – 300 Coins.

Foreign currency earnings may contain fractions due to currency conversion rates.

6 - What languages can I use to display information about my stickers?

The language which has been set will be displayed for customers visiting the store based on the language settings on their device. If your stickers do not have a translation for the language, English will be displayed by default.We suggest you to use English and translations of your local language.

7 - In which countries can I sell my stickers?

Items are available for sale wherever MojiLaLa is available (all over the world).

If you wish to limit the countries the item is available in, please select “Distribute only in selected regions” and select the countries.

8 - What are the recommended system requirements for MojiLaLa Creators Market?

MojiLaLa Creators Market supports Mac and Windows OSes only. We recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer for your web browser. Tablet devices and smartphones are not supported. Please use MojiLaLa Creators Market from your computer.

Using MojiLaLa Creators Market in an environment other than the ones above may result in the inability to use various features. Please check your OS and browser type and version before using MojiLaLa Creators Market.

9 - What size should my sticker images be?

Please use the following sizes when creating the images for your stickers. All dimensions given below are in width x height format.

Sticker Images
Number of files: Min. 10, Max.40
Image size: Min 320 x 320

Sticker images will be automatically resized, so please make sure all dimensions are even numbers. The image size given above is the size of one sticker. Any sticker above 320 x 320 will be resized to fit in the 320 x 320.

10 - To what type of accounts can I receive my revenue share?

Money transfers can be made through PayPal, and every country that PayPal supports.

11 - How is the use of unauthorized content handled?

Stickers found to infringe on third party rights will be removed from sale.

12 - Where do I find out about MojiLaLa updates?

You can find out about updates from the Creators Dashboard from the Notices section when available. You can also go to the MojiLaLa app Settings > About MojiLaLa, or go to App Store or Google Play when available.

13 - My package is approved but I am unable to see it on the app?

Because we are distributing your stickers all over the world, it may take a few hours to update all our servers and display it on the location that you use the app.