How to Create Successful Stickers?

– Stickers must have either a situation or an emotion or an expression. (Daily phrases, expressions that people would need while texting or talking, a situation).

– Having a beautiful sticker is not equal to be successful stickers. Successful stickers have functionality within the user journey.

– Sticker packages must be consistent. It shouldn’t be a group or irrelevant pictures or photos.

– Be Creative. MojiLaLa values freedom of speech. (By respecting everybody’s differences).

– Sticker needs to have an idea. It should SAY or MEAN something. It becomes alive when it is used. A beautiful oil painting of nature is not a good sticker idea.

Rejected Sticker Examples

Good Sticker Examples

1. A Character with expressions, journey of a character

Mugsy, designed by Ghostbot

2. Quotes of a person, a character or a trend

Revved Up, designed by Kenichiro Chaffee

3. Campaigns& Calendar Events

Fatherly Love, designed by Facebook

4. Activity

Happy Campers, designed by Kirk Wallace

5. Sports

Cricket Matchup, designed by Perdix

6. Memes, Internet Phenomenas, Movie Lines

You may refer to any famous quote or phenomena with your stickers.

– “I am gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”
– “Do you wanna know how I got these scars?”
– “I see dead people”

7. Social Responsibility

All causes and social responsibility topics can be also referred.

More phrases

Widely used words and expressions. You can create a package which is a subset of these expressions.

yes busy hang out cocky autumn lunch brother wassup
no ttyl a buck arrogant spring yummy girlfriend surprised
haha luv ya sweet happy beach handsome boyfriend thumbs up
lol I love you tight sad sun beautiful what’s up? question
bye miss you cheer up naugthy rain talk tv confident
good morning kiss relax nervous snow text enjoy your meal hair
good night what? calm down thanksgiving ice brb not tonight smart
Grrr confused shut up oscar fun I hope tonight pull
ok sleepy no way crush funny I wish today push
omg cool high five silent stop free I’m sick sorry
have a nice day hello joking whisper go ahead how dancing boring
hi hungry awesome crap give a shot why father evil
zzz feeling good cool cake come cry bullshit (BS) angel
thanks hate I was like coffee cheers laugh sister smirk
congratulations angry super Jesus coffee good call me hush
happy birthday sad tick tock cat tea bad old chill
good evening studying come on drunk afraid ugly hot You there?
good afternoon walking beard dad hey man! awe girly Anybody home?
yay! running family mom see you amazing young call me
great fingers crossed mother wow take care boo! cooking sushi
break a leg Republican Summer mess lighten up couch potato baby shower IMHO
piece of cake tipsy dead trash work hard play hard fire shower hipster
dead horse jerk burrito made my day job hands up me too internet
square one bro drugs game over wrap they see me rollin Psycho idk
break the ice sis nuts queen of hearts hyped they hatin blue moon complicated
bubble bdsm easy my money black or white screw up beer winter
bible cut to the chase fetish buddy horoscopes pc phone wine
cry wolf douchebag god clown hamburger drama queen water give a ring
down to earth party animal hook up Democrat taco ebony breakfast fish
drive me nuts early bird horny dinner laptop elephant in the room christmas house
eat my hat holy shit horny

8. Utilities

World-wide accepted emoji categories can be another starting point. (e.g. hang gestures, jobs, love & family, clothes, food & drinks, nature, weather, activities, travel & places, objects)