How to Register

Registration to Sales

1 - Register as a Creator

Enter the correct information to register yourself as a creator.

2 - Submit Text and Images

Upload and submit your stickers. -> Learn “How to create a sticker package on MojiLaLa?

3 - Review

Once we receive your sticker package, we will review it in 48 hours.

4 - Start Selling

We send an approval information message after the completing review process.

5- Get Paid

You can monetize your sales and revenue by using Creator Dashboard. Designers can see all statistics about their sticker packages.

50% of the revenue will be transferred to your registered PayPal account for every sale you do on the MojiLaLa App. For distribution partners plus bulk licensing, please check out Terms and Conditions.

Account Registration

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You can submit your emojis and stickers by joining here too.